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Design Netflix for Senior Citizens (Goal - Increase engagement time)
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To clarify I am assuming this is Baby  Boomer (20%) of population in US and Silents. Assume this is now restricted to US.

Current situation: Netflix already has many genres including Mind and Body, Classical Movies, Spirituality, Sci-Fi, Health etc...

However the current situation, the User Interface to Netflix is not easy to identify various Genres and hence access to Seniors on what is available is difficult.

I will approach problem in two ways: 1. Increase type of content to attract Senior Citizens and 2. Help navigate the Netfli User Intf to increase engagement.

For now since the question is not about monetization I will not go into ROI calculations, etc.


Possible solutions:

1. Firstly User will have to identify if a Senior or somehow this has to be determined by Netfix based on ML algorithms.

2. A User Interface that will have very large buttons on display to show Generes that could be of interest to Seniors should be presented to these users.

3. Generes should be selected based on ML algorithms from usage of this age group.

4. New types of content should also be included. Many times Seniors want to revisit the Sports events - baseball, basketball, cricket, soccer matches when they were in the youth. This puts in the 1970-80 timeframe as it may not be possible to get good footage of prior decades. These should also be package as Classic Sports and a new genere should be created.


Summary: the User Interface should be improved so Seniors can get large button and quick access to relevant generes. New generes such as Classic Sports should be added. This will help increase the engagement time.
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Ask clarifying questions 

  1. What is the goal of the product? - Increase Engagement
  2. Are we targeting a particular age group or all seniors above 60 years of age? - All
  3. Old Seniors > 70 may have some disabilities lie eye-sight etc, do we need to take care of it? - yes
  4. Are we targeting specific geography?- No, all the markets where Netflix is present
  5. Are we only talking about website, app or any specific device?- Noy decided yet, it's up to you to decide
  6. Can we develop a separate product and/or modify existing Netflix? - Up to you to decide

Re-iterate understanding 


Design Netflix for all seniors over 60 years of age world-over to increase engagement. Seniors may or may not have some disabilities which need to be taken care of. The product can be developed for any device but should solve the underlying problems. It is up to us to design a new product or modify existing Netflix


Let's talk User Flow/Journey


Senior wants to watch a video -> Search on Google -> Land on Netflix -> Choose Language -> Sign in -> Pay -> Browse/Search relevant content -> Read description of content->Play video ->Finish or may not finish -> Come back again -> Wants to be reminded which show they were watching -> Start watching again


Here I have taken the longest possible journey so as we can discover all the problems. Other journeys would be a subset of these.


Identify problems in the journey & features which would remove these problems


Foremost, for seniors their eye-sight & sense of touch might not be too strong, so we would like to rely on a bigger screen & voice commands for most of the work wherever possible.


  1. New product or modify existing? - we will take the call later
  2. Basis above, we would like to develop App for tablets as well as TV or firestick (since they have voice control)
  3. Discovery on Google - Since making an app, we just need a directory sort of page for discovery
  4. Download App
  5. Identification that user is a senior citizen -
    1. Ask during Signup process itself (easiest & accurate) 
    2. For Signup, seniors might not have email/fb/google, so we will rely on username/password flow or preferably fingerprint and/or face recognition or voice recognition.
  6. Choose preferred language -
    1. A dropdown to select language with voice search
  7. Payment - This is tricky as we won’t have too much control over payment mechanisms and would depend on the market as well as the payment partner. Ideally would prefer single click payment flows like
    1. iTunes or Gpay
    2. Other options being there
    3. Free Trial or Voucher Code Flows (which can be done offline by someone else)
  8. For content discovery
    1. Search - Voice Search
    2. Recommendations
    3. Programming solely focused on Senior
  9. Read Description -
    1. UI focused on seniors with large fonts/thumbnails which are easier to read & comprehend
  10. Play Video
    1. Remember subtitle preference
    2. Choose subtitle
    3. Choose resolution/quality
  11. Come back again
    1. Deep-linking (not very important)
  12. Start watching again
    1. Continue watching
    2. Wishlist Feature
    3. Auto-login unless explicitly sign-out
  13. Other generic features
    1. Accessibility like we have in windows - There should be 2 to 3 settings for sizes of fonts and thumbnails which user can choose according to his or her choice
    2. Sign-out
    3. Video quality selection
    4. Forgot password

Let’s Prioritise features now


FeaturesImpactComplexityMust Have/Optional
SEO Landing PageHMoptional
Sign up - Username/PasswordHLMandatory
Sign up - Fingerprint/Face recogintionHMMandatory
Sign up - VoiceHHMandatory
Preferred LanguageHLOptional
Age IdentificationHLNeeded only if use the same app
Voice SearchHMOptional
Normal SearchHLMandatory
Programming & PersonalizationHLNeeded only if use the same app
UI for SeniorsHMMandatory
Choose SubtitleHLOptional
Remember SubtitleLLOptional
Choose resolutionMLOptional
Continue WatchingHMOptional
Forgot PasswordMLOnly if implementing username/password flow

First we will do all the mandatory features which would create the MVP, we would then pick High Impact, Low Complexity features. After that we will have to force prioritize features using RICE model. Not going into details of RICE model for now.


Let's do alternative evaluation


Option 1 - Do a separate app


  1. Easier to develop, less complicated
  2. More usable by end-user
  3. The selected feature can be developed
  4. Both apps would remain cleaner
  5. The same backend can be used as changes are mostly at UI level


  1. The additional overhead of product development & maintenance

Option 2 - Modify same app


  1. Would make the app cluttered
  2. Would be difficult for seniors to use
  3. targeting both segments would make implementing features


  1. Relatively less effort

Basis above, my recommendation is to develop a separate TV & Tablet App with the feature list as above. If time permits, same tablet app can be ported to phone with minimal effort of UI changes.


Launch Plan

Do beta testing of MVP with the selected audience in major markets like US. Incorporate feedback & then progressively roll out (% basis which both iOS & Android) country by country.


Identify Metrics to be tracked

    1. For Acquisition - AUs on App
    2. For Activation - No of Signups, No of logins
    3. For Engagement
      1. Mins/UV (UV means unique viewers)
      2. VV/UV (VV means Video Views)
      3. UV/AU
    4. For Retention
      1. Repeat Visitors
    5. For Monetisation
      1. Total $
      2. LTV per user
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To design Netflix application for senior citizens 

First, I will scope out the project and establish general guiding metrics

Next, I will evaluate potential user groups and upon selecting a specific group, I will brainstorm user needs

Lastly, I will provide a solution to solve a specific user need


As it concerns netflix

Currently, as netflix is growing its user base internationally, my assumption is that it has expanded strongly in the young childdren, teens, millenials, and adults. However, perhaps is struggling to grow with the older senior citizens demographic. So are we trying to acquire more senior citizen users? Or are we trying to increase their engagement on the platform? 


Amazing, so lets say we are trying to grow the senior citizen userbase:

The metris that I would want to pay attention is:

1) The number of senior citizens who sign up for a netflix account or reactivate an older account

Additional metrics I would want to pay attention to:

2) - Changes in the time spent per senior citizen on Netflix

3) - Video viewing time spent on Netflix for senior citizens

4) - Time it takes to nagivate and start watching a Netflix video

5) Onboarding UI & setting up subtitles

User Journey -> Senior citizen gains awareness of the Netflix service. Perhaps it is a new movie they are hoping to watch or a recommendation from children or a friend -> Someone has to setup billing for a senior citizen and someone has to be able to help guide most senior citizens through the account setup process


User groups

Single, Independent Tech-savvy

Senior Citizen in Senior Homes

Lives with Family 


I want to start with a focus of Senior citizens in mind


Pain points for senior citizens, particularly in Senior Homes: 

1) Difficulty in Setting up billing on a site like Netflix 

2) Signing up for an account

3) Choosing what they want to watch

4) Not resonating with the current selections

5) Connecting netflix on one's television / netflix enabled tv or a roku like dongle


So that being said, with those problems in mind, these seem to be largely acquisition, and onboarding, and activation problems/barriers for senior citizens to start a Netflix subscription, so I will be keeping those in mind along with the metric of onboarding new senior citizens on Netflix or reactivating old accounts.

Features that I imagine that will make a larger impact on these proble:

Allowing them to have the ability to purchase ofr Netflix in-person and not just online via their senior housing providers, revenue sharing with senior housing

Specializing packages for their older individuals, whether it be their favorite older actors robert de niro or, al pacino or older sprots events

Some way to tag a senior citizen through some form of Machine Learning, locatioin, or ip address of the nursing homes

Have a more user-friendly UI for senior citizens such as easily setting up subtitles,  or navigating to what they want to watch

Searching for content prepackaged should be more seamless with the onboarding 

Having sales-persons visit nursing homes in p  bberson to get them to signup

Build out a special pricing / senior citizen discount to get more individuals senior citizens

Presetup boxes for netflix adoption


BUT for an MVP:

Specializing packages for their older individuals, whether it be their favorite older actors robert de niro or, al pacino or older sprots events

BUILD  a UI for individuals in the the nursing homes that packages content on older actors, older movies, as well trending new movies

Hire a salesperson and give him the equipment and work with nursing home with the opportunity for him to interact with him in 



I would also want to A/B test whether there would be value in offering some form of a partnership deal with a senior house living is possible where we could sell Netflix subscription packages in bulk for a discounted price to a retailer. it allows them to sell it as part of their entertainment experienes

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