Walk me through how you prioritize your product backlog.
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Firstly understand the importance and the reward of the task.

Now in the order of priority (1 being first and the rest follows):

  1.   Choose tasks that are high in severity and time-critical. (Showstopper issues, critical customer complaints)
  2.   Choose tasks that are the most rewarding in terms of goals set. (Goals for that quarter might be to increase    customers or increase only the revenue.)
  3.   Choose tasks from the common pool of tasks that are of lower severity and might prove useful to the customers. (any other backlogs)



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Product backlog prioritization considers several factors:

1- Business value of the task - estimated revenue and customer value

2- Urgency- what is the uregency level of the problem this task will address?

3- Importance- what's the importance level of this task? (to make it simple- low / medium/ high / urgent)

4- Time estimation- how much time it will take to complete the task


So when Im prioritizing the backlog I will use mainly the above points to decide on the order of priority.

Let's begin:

On the top of the backlog would be usually, 2-3 main roadmap features, that will be the "main chunks" of the sprint. Those features will usually be important, with high to low urgency and high business value. Their tasks usaully will be broken down into several sprints.

On top of that, I will include small "Quick win" tasks, which are urgent, important and preferably quick to accomplish. Those will be added to each sprint 2-5 tasks in average. Each task will be estimated and prioritized sepcifically.

Additionaly, i will choose 5 urgent and important bugs and prioritize them by the urgency level. If the bug is a blocker he will be prioritized high, possibly the higest (and will be handled immidetely). Other urgent bugs will be handled between/ additionally to roadmap features (when waiting for dependency etc.)

In my prioritization I will ensure the optimal "mix" of size-urgency-importance to get the team motivated and satisfied, while ensuring a backlog that is ready to "grab & go".
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Prioritizing Backlog is basically a value vs effort question.

Defining value as any impact the change serves - This could mean increased revenue/increased retention/ reduced customer suppport queries etc.

Defining effort - Any human capital required to serve the feature. The Tech team capacity/Business Team discussions/Training of support teams etc.

Priority 1 - High Value Low Effort

Priority 2 - High Value High Effort

Priority 3 - Low value Low Effort

Priority 4 - Low value High Effort

Once I have sorted through the backlog, I will look at the tech bandwidth available to pick-up tasks for the next sprint.
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