Design an alert system for doctors
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Clarifying the goal:

Doctors are often needed at a moment's notice to attend to those who need help. I assume the goal of this system is to provide a way for doctors to get alerted and attend to urgent situations. This can arise in many different situations - such as in a hospital, or in public places where someone needs help immediately in a park or movie hall, or for example in places like a train or a hike, etc.

Existing alternatives include calls to 911 in countries like USA, getting emergency response to bring back a person to a medical facility before treatment. However, this may take time in certain areas where it is either overburdened or remote.

We need to design something better than current alternatives.

Target Users

Doctors - who can attend to trauma, or react to time sensitive situation s such as cardiac arrests

Patients - who are in a hospital setting, who are in public places or in remote areas

Emergency services - who might be dispatched

User Journey

Doctors need to add themselves and their contact info, need to make themselves available, need to accept a call, need to attend the call, complete the request for assistance, get reimbursed or get paid as a paid employee or contract employee.

Patients need to ask for assistance, need to know how, need assurance that help is coming, need to have proper care for their situation, need to pay doctors if needed.

For this question, focusing on doctors only:


- As a doctor, I need to help those in distress and provide availability (time,  area)for assistance.

- As a doctor,  need to get calls and respond with confidence

- As a doctor, reach the patient asap

-As a doctor, provide help and coordinate with other agencies

- As a doctor, I want to be clear about when I can handoff.



Roadside medical assistance provided as part of medical insurance:

Registry of doctors, contact information, availability

For non-emergency situations, a well known phone number to call for assistance.

For emergency, 911 dispatch to include calls to doctors to verify availability to handle request given location.

System matches doctor expertise to reported situation and confirmation of response.

Doctor updates case and receives/provides updates from emergency crew

For emergency, 911 provides situation brief to attending doctor and receives confirmation.

Doctor provides treatment continuity till physician takes over at medical facility.


If I were to consider myself as building a new product, the first step would be to make sure I have this need. Current 911 system already handled life threatening emergencies with an established process and Salad. To get started, I would focus efforts on non- life threatening emergencies which need medical advice on the road. This would be provided via telephone so that it is available wherever there is cell phone coverage. If needed, doctor is dispatched for roadside assistance.

I envision this solution to be built on tried and tested solutions, that are robust and somewhat independent of phone capability.


Success is when every potential patient is using this system and being satisfied with the results. However, it takes time to see the users return to the system due to past positive experiences.

A good way to measure success would be to use Net Promoter Score surveys after every assistance event.
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First, to clarify the scope of the question:Doctors can need alerts for several reasons:- When they are physically needed at an hospital- When their input/knowledge is needed for a call or decision - When…See more

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