How many kindergarten teachers are there in USA?
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The population of USA is around 300 Million

People generally live upto 75 years.

If we take equal distribution of all ages we get 4 million people in each age (1 to 75)

kindergarten is for kids with age less than 6  and more than 2 years  hence total 4*4 million  = 16 million

Each of the kindergarten may be operating in 2 shifts (morning and afternoon)

we will assume equal distribution of kindergarteners in morning and evening shifts

hence 8 million each.

each batch may be around 20 kids (as kids need more attention)

hence 8 million / 20 = .4 million

hence .4 million teachers.
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In the above explanation, the assumption is that pre-k,TK and K is all combined. If truly we want to focus on just K, then the addressable market is 4 MM. Other assumption is that all kids in age group of 5 attend K. with these, the new calculation would be 4MM/20 = 200K teachers
Fair point. Totally agree.
I have 2 questions.

1/ Shouldn't we consider the retired kindergarten teachers too? Or it is obvious that they are off scope?

2/ What about homeschooling? I think it is an assumption we could consider... 3% of american students are homeschooled, and thus the number of kids attending kindergarten would be a bit less less.
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Population of US = 300 Mn

Assumption that 1/4 is population between 0 and 18 (based on a research report I read) = 75 Mn

Assuming these are equally spread across ages 0 to 18, 0 to 6 has 25 Mn kids, or roughtly 4 Mn kids / age ( 1 year band applicable for KG)

For every 25 kids there are 2 teachers typically and to account for all other suporting teachers, adding 1 so 3 teachers for every 25 kids ==> 12 teachers for every 100 Kids. =  4,000,000/100 * 12 = 480,000 = .48 Mn teachers.

As there are typically two sessions - morning and evening in a KG day of only 3 hours, half the number of teachers is sufficient. = .24 Mn teachers.
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kindergarten teachers in US = 1. # kindergarteners in US divded by 2. # of kids in a class

1. # of kindergarteners in US = 300 million people in the US, let's assume the population is evenly distributed by children, adults, senior, so 100 million children. out of 100 million, let's assume 15% are kindergarteners. 
15 million kindergarteners in US. 
let's assume there's 30 kids in each class. 30 classes * 30 kids = 900 students in a school 
If there are 15 million kindergarteners in the US, divide that by 30 kids in a class = 500,000
There are roughly 500,000 kindergarten teachers in the US. 
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Take my small town. Population is 30,000 people. There are 3 elementart schools and one church school. Each school has 2 kindergarten classrooms. Total in my hometown there are 8 kindergarten classrooms. there are active 8 kindergarten teachers. Also substitutes may be neccessary from time to time. So there are 10 qualified kindergarten teachers working in my home town.


If we assume a similar spread across the nation, divided by population then for a population of 300M


we have 100, 00 / 1 => 10,000*10 => 100K kindergarten teachers.


These only include active kindergarten teacher. Not retired.
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Total # of Kids gong to Kindergarten * (Teacher to Student ratio in one kindergarten)

Total US Population=320 Million

Assume 10% being Kindergarten age.

Total # of kids= 32 Million

Assume 50% go to school and rest don't.

Total # of Kids gong to Kindergarten=16 Million

Assume Teacher to student ration =1/8

16 Million * 1/8= 2 Million Teachers.
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Hi Manu, We should always cross-verify our answers if they make sense at the end. The population of the US is 320Million, so it's impossible we have 2 Million Kinder garden teachers.

I think the main problem is with your assumption that 10% being kindergarten age. Kinder garden is only age 5, so it should be more like 1% of the population.  So, its more like 200k
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