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Design a relocation feature for Facebook?
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First I would like to understand few things

Is this an app or a feature within FB? Is this for mobile? 

Ans: Yes, Yes

Is this feature helping mover relocate to a new city ? 

Ans: Yes

Are we looking for a particular region?

Ans: US

Relocation takes patience, effort, and a whole lot of phone calls to movers. You have to ask around for prices or fill out a form for getting quotes from movers. Then choose a mover. Trust a complete stranger with all of your stuff. Get mad when the final move price turned out to be double the original quote. Then get really, really mad when the insured mover damages your items. Then the anxiety to move to new place and look for rentals. Ideally one would prefer to rent at a place closer to work and where you have friends to make the transition to a new place easier.For purposes of this design we will focus on movers and apartment rentals and how FB can provide value.

Product Goal: Thus goal of design is to make relocation easier for everyone by saving time and removing the burden associated with the move

Business Goal: Enable FB platform as one stop service for relocation needs and increase engagement and time spent on the platform

Users :

 Students : Students moving to a new city for their college

 Young professionals: Young professionals and new graduates who move to new city for the job. 

 Mid career professionals: Professionals typically with families who move to new city

 Corporate : corporate looking to relocate employees

For this design, I would like to focus on young professionals and mid career professionals since they would likely be going through relocation companies as they would have accumulated more house items than students.

Since this is a brand new feature, I would like to focus on US with an urban city such as SFO. I would like to test the MVP, learn from it and then expand in new cities.

Let as look a relocation user journey to understand pain points.

  • Users reviews list of movers to help move from  A to B
  • Makes bunch of phone calls to various movers to get a quote.Finalizes a mover.
  • Signs agreement and then packs and ships  household goods
  • Temporary accommodations/ Home-finding in new city.
  • Unload the items in new place.Reviews the items and contacts relocation company for any damages


  1. Finding the right relocation company that you can trust is a big pain point. often users have to go through yelp and various other websites to find the right company that one can trust and is within the budget
  2. Getting in touch with relocation company instantly for any questions before or after the move is not easy.
  3. Scheduling home visit to get the quote.
  4. Completing the paperwork formality
  5. Finding a rental in the new place or temporary accommodation is very difficult specifically when you do not know much about the city.You would always prefer to live close to friends or in an area that you friends recommend.

As part of this new design would like to address below features:

  1. As a user who is planning to move to a new city, I would like to get recommendations on trusted mover
  2. I would like a convenient way to reach out to movers at any time.
  3. I would like a quick way to complete all paperwork formalities
  4. As a user who moved to a new city or planning to move to a new city, I would like to get recommendations from friends /network on places to rent.


  1.  FB can partner with moving companies and apartment listing companies and provide the listings on FB. (H,H,H)
  2. A new relocation tab on FB would help users to explore movers and rentals.(H,L,L)
  3. Users can enter originating city A and final city B  to see list of movers and rentals.(H,M,M)
  4.  Movers value chain
    1. Show a list view or grid view with photos (H,L,L)
    2. Mover Selection and Comparison:
      1. Users can review movers based on ratings ,price, distance (H,M,M)
      2. Users can compare movers based on above attributes (H,M,M)
      3. Show a map view on where the movers are located (L,L,L)
    3. Users can see reviews on movers.
      1. If any of their friends in the network have reacted or commented on the movers then FB can show that maybe like a circle with friends face (H,H,M)
      2. User can directly message their friends from here and enquire about the experience.(L,L,L)
      3. Pre- populate with most frequent questions/subject to ask the friend. (L,L,L)
      4. Users can search for specific tags in the reviews (H,H,H)
    4. Contacting mover
      1. Tapping on the mover would take you to mover page.User should be able to send a message or call movers. A call to action button with "Ask details " can be seen on page. (M,L,L)
      2. User can do a video call with movers to show the items or send pictures to get quotes than waiting for home visit. (H,L,L)
      3. Bot service can also be used to provide customer service when user messages the mover (H,H,H)
    5. User should be able to leave a review on the moving experience.(L,L,L)
  5. Rentals value chain
    1. Show users apartment listings or rentals in grid view or list view based on cities entered in #3 (H,M,M)
    2. User can also filter based on distance to work, amenities, crime map, cost. (H,L,L)
    3. FB can use AI to determine the type of apartments to show based on ones profile. i.e does the person need kid friendly, is the person very social and likes to eat out a lot etc based on events attended, photos etc (H,H,H)
    4. Show users where their friends are located in a map view.This is based on cities that one has entered in their profile. (H,M,M)
    5. Allow users to tour the apartments via 360degree view of the place.FB could provide this experience using oculus (H,M,M)
    6. Allow users to reach out to apartment companies using messenger (M,L,L) or bots (H,H,H). 
  6. Launch the relocation feature by advertising in news feed so the relocation tab is discoverable (H,L,L)

Priortization of Solution based on User Impact, Cost and Risk

1. Partnering and integrating with movers and apartment companies is high impact to user while medium cost and risk for FB.

2.Allowing user to filter movers and rentals and compare based on basic attributes is high impact to user and medium impact FB.FB may need to integrate this with third party. Initially there may not be reviews from friends network but that will happen over time so that will not be in MVP.

2. Allowing users to reach out to movers and  rentals using messenger is high impact to user and low cost and risk to FB.However, the bot solution is high cost to FB so in the initial version bot may not be available

3.Video call or sendings photos for moving quotes is medium impact for user and low impact for FB.

4.Suggesting rentals based on AI is complex for FB but high impact for users.

5. Showing rentals proximity to their friends at a high level (based on city) is of great value to users specifically when they are moving to a new place.

Wrap up:

FB will have a new relocation tab where users can see movers and rental listings in area of choice.Users can filter through these based on attributes and reach out to them directly via messenger. FB can provide rentals based on users personality/profile and also show proximity of suggested rentals with their network in the area. With time FB can use AI and ML to suggest rentals and movers based on reviews from ones social network

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