How would you improve the sign up process for LinkedIn?
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Curious to know what people think of my solution. Should I have focused just on the sign up steps or it’s ok to think of sign up as the bigger process – on boarding?

When I think about the sign up process, I can think of two important numbers:

– conversion rate to sign up – percentage who complete the sign up process and provide their name, email, and create a basic profile

– % of 30 day active new users – % of new users who return to LinkedIn to engage with the platform

For the sake of this exercise, I’m going to focus on the second case and look for ways to increase this number.

First, I’m going to select the persona I’m going to focus on. Let’s assume it’s the university students that are going to enter the job market soon and are looking for jobs for their graduation.

When I think about this group, there are a few unique needs that come to my mind:
– they are at the beginning of their career and need help in discovering their career paths
– they need help in writing their resumes
– they need to find a network of people to connect with on LinkedIn
– they might need mentors

I think the first problem is very important and worth looking further into because once they discover their potential career path, they can have a better idea of what LinkedIn groups to join, who to connect with, etc.

Here is how I would try to solve this problem in a way that drives 30 day active users % among the new users.

The product is a “career path discovery” tool that is offered by LinkedIn to a new user who’s signed up to LinkedIn. It asks users questions such as school, program of study, marks, their passions, interests, behavioural questions, etc to get a better assessment of the person. LinkedIn can use historical data on LinkedIn to make recommendations on career path. Once LinkedIn has a more in-depth knowledge of the person, it can invite the person to come back to the platform by recommending relevant LinkedIn Groups to join, relevant thought leaders to follow, relevant LinkedIn blog posts to read, and relevant courses, and many other things. Think of it as a targeted on boarding experience that helps the new LinkedIn user to go through start of their career with LinkedIn. The targeted on boarding experience will result in an increase in % of 30 day active new users, which means improvement in the sign up process.

great answer David. Like the way you stated all the use-case of the persona and provided the solution. I would spend some more time on the 'clarifying question part'. What does improve mean here? What is the goal? What is the current issue? Do we want to improve for certain device - desktop / mobile? I would then go into identifying persona .....
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