What is your favorite product ? Why ?
Provide a framework to solve this question.
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Provide a framework to solve this question.
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Use the rule of three to answer this question. Pick three attributes and apply that to the product you like. Here is my approach to answering this question:

My favorite product is Grammarly. When I think about why Grammarly as my favorite product, it comes down to three key points.

1. Useful - Is the product useful and solving a key pain point?

2. Efficient - Is the product solving the issue quicker with less effort from the user

3. Innovation - Is the product solving the user problem in a new way that makes the user smarter

As the interviewee might not be aware of the product, a good way to start the assessment is by giving a quick summary of the product.

"Grammarly is a spelling and grammar checking tool that is available to users as a standalone desktop application, web application, browser extension, and also as a plugin to MS word. The look and feel of standalone desktop application and web application is same - a simple text editor interface where user can either upload an existing document or create a new one. Grammarly highlights the errors and suggest corrections as the user types. The browser extension works little differently, where the errors are automatically highlighted using colors and the suggestions are shown when user hover over the highlighted text"

Now, I will assess Grammarly on the three key points that I mentioned above.

1. Useful - grammarly saves time by providing accurate suggestions. It does it by using latest machine learning algorithm and natural language processing to find the best match/ correction. It also enhanced user vocabulary by recommending more nuanced words that I can use in my writing. It also teaches me how to write more grammatically correct sentences.

2. Efficient - making correction using grammarly is very easy. As the user of the application, I just have to single click on the suggestion and it replaces the incorrect word with the new one. I don't have to open up a new window to do so (in MS word, user has to click multiple times for correction). Correcting an entire para takes as many clicks as there are grammatical errors.

3. Innovation - grammarly uses latest machine learning algorithm and predictive technologies to improve accuracy of detecting wrong word and suggesting the best word to replace. Also grammarly work cross platform.

To summarize, grammarly is my favorite application as it useful, efficient, and innovative.
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Great structure, announcing eval. criteria upfront and driving the discussion with these crietria in mind is great.

I think the interviewer might want to deep dive in ML and intelligent algorithms you mentioned to eval your undertanding of these concepts or if you are using these as "buzz words".

I'd recommend:

1.  Deep dive in pain points. For exemple if you are bilingual, it can help you improve your 2nd language or if you write an mportant email to executives or business proposal ....

2. Adding pros and cons and demonstrating pros >> cons can show a balanced view. I also see the interviewer asking you "If you were the PM for Grammarly, what would you improve?"
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My favorite product is Apple News app.

It solves one of my biggest pain points of switching between 5-6 apps every day to consume news. After this, I don't need 6 different apps installed on my mobile to catch up on the day's news.

I like it because:

1. It serves news in a more digestible manner. With Apple news, I can focus on one news item at a time, completely consume it and move on to the next one. I find this hard to do on other apps like Google News because there are lot many moving parts on the screen like auto-play videos, banner ads, sliding news items, which makes it impossible to retain focus. I eventually ended up abandoning these apps after giving them a hard try.

2. Apple news is one of the best examples of human-centered design. There is a specific way humans do certain things like ordering food, shopping, buying magazines, etc. Apple News app does not deviate from this user habit and just to give you an anecdotal experience - reading a magazine on Apple news iPad app feels like holding a physical paper magazine in front of you. To provide this natural experience, Apple created a new format of its own called Apple News Format (ANF) in addition to using rich typography and photography.

3. Lastly, Apple news curation and fast learning of preferences are my delighters. Apple does both algorithmic and human curation, and I could really see the effort of curators through the unbiased news articles they present in spotlight section of the app. Moreover, it learns your preferences faster. Within a week of using the app, I started seeing news I like to read and in fact, I never had to set my preferences manually.

As much as I love it, being a heavy user, I find some things that can be improved on this app. I would like to talk about those if you want me to proceed.

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Great Answer. Would like to hear improvements as well from you.
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When I think about my favorite product, I evaluate it against 3 principles.

1) Is it useful?

2) Is it innovative?

3) Is it easy to use/intuitive?

My favorite product to use is Google Photos and it meets those principles. As a user, I love how intuitive the design is, how seamlessly it works across all platforms and how it solves my photo sharing and storage issues. The other key thing is that it provides fun animations and photo edits to photos. As a PM, I think Google Photos has done an exceptional job as providing new ways to categorize and search for your photos. They're harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help users find their photos and providing excellent facial recognition.

Google Photos has tackled key pain points users have when it comes to photo management. Storage, categorization and sharing. While I love using the product, I would suggest a coulple of areas to think about:

1) Improved geo-tagging, often times I check where photos were taken and the location is wrong. I think figuring out a stronger integration with Google Maps would help.

2) Having a way to tag censored content. For example, if I'm uploading photos of my passport/drivers license I want to be able to tag that so that it doesn't get shared or leaked

3) Better integration with social media apps such as Instagram. To share photos the native experience is to share via gmail or as a link. I tihnk having the ability to share directly to Instagram via Google photos would be super useful.
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