How would you improve Amazon?
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Me: I have a few clarifying questions. Do you mean Amazon marketplace ? or any specific part of market place ?  AWS ?  Amazon alexa ?  or any othe product

Iv:   I mean amazon marketplace

Me. Ok. So website or mobile app ?

Iv: website - mobile website

Me: Location


Me:  Amazon website is used by both sellers and buyers. Do you want the improvement for sellers or buyers.

Iv: Buyers

Me: There are various categories/sections within Amazon ecommerce website. Do you have any section in your mind or overall website ?

Iv:  Overall website.

Me: Ok. So we want to improve amazon ecommerce website for buyers. When it comes to improvement I have a few metrics in my mind.

i) Acquisition - So improve the acqusition rate of new users on the website. Daily or DAU is the metric I would track here.

ii) Activation - Improve the products bought per user

iii) Engagement - Increase time spent on the website. Increase website visit rate per day

iv) Retention-   Increase the number of repeat purchases

v) Revenue - Increase the revenue per user.

Do you have any particular metric in your mind ?

Iv: I want to solve cart abandonement problem ? A lot of users do not complete the purchase ?

Me : Alright. Let me brainstorm how we can remove the hurdles in completing the purchase or incentivize users to complete the purchase.

Let me divide amazon buyers into a few user groups

i) Serious buyers (Lower cart abadonment rate)

ii) Casual buyers (window shoppers)( High cart abandonment rate)

iii) Offer seekers ( High card abandonment rates)

I would like to target casual buyers.

Casual buyers browse through the website. Put products in the cart but motivation to complete the purchase is limited due to

i) price of the product ii) need of the product iii) They already have similar product satisfying current need  iv) Are not convinced enough about the product

We will target each of the above problems

i) Price of the product

---Provide discounts

--- Quick payment option

--- Pay later option

--- Easy monthly installments

--- Instant loan /credit

--- Loyalty points

--- Best price guarentee

ii) Need of the product

-- Curating reviews which tell how product improved someone's life

-- Providing social proofs

-- Easy reading of reviews ( providing wordcloud to quickly go through the reviews)

iii) They already have similar product satisfying current needs

-- Provide a nudge to upgrade ( Marketing communication/Testimonials)

--  Exchange offers

iv) Are not convinced enough

-- Social integration- Show friends who have bought it and their reviews

-- Product feature wise reviews

-- Return options

-- Ask a question /Chatbox to immediately get doubts addressed

I'll do the prioritization based on

i) Must haves

ii) Good to have

iii) development impact

iv) time to go live

Iv: I am intersted in social integration product ?  how would you track it?


i) Allow user signups throught facebook/linkedin/google

ii) If permissions are provided, show friends activity , reviews , purchases

iii) Provide chatbox to get connected with friend instantly

iv) Referral codes from friends to incentivize friends to get connected with buyers
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