Should Uber Eats be a different app from Uber Rides?
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Yes these sould be different :

  • Combining these two will increase app size (MB) and many of users will stop downloading and this will impact the business because still in India people many people use basic phone here basic phone which just cost 4000- 5000 INR which has less storage space, if they both are together users will stop installing.
  • let's say a user want's to book a ride on uber app, Now here if user sees frontend of uber eats any image of uber eats it makes no sense to him he needs to skip this and navigate to booking a cab this will lead to irritating experience for end user. 
  • If there is any bug in the app or they are implementing a new functionality here to fix this bug it will take more time roll back the app and re-deploy this back to production will be time consuming.
  • Uber eats : if you open this app you just need to enter your pincode/ locality area and food will be delivered.
  • Uber cab :  here we need to enter your pick up location and drop location to book a cab. 

So these both the apps have different functionality/business, hence I think these shouldnot be merged. 

Hope I have answered your question.

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Let us think from end user standpoint.

Uber cab app - the intent of the app is to travel. This means the location of the users would change. Most uber users book cab for themselves - (this is evident from their existing product flow)


Uber eats app - the intent is to order food at home. This means the user will be at a fixed location at that point of time. Most of the uber eats deliveries are not scheduled for future delivery time.

So, fundamentaly, the user intent of the app is different. Hence cant be merged.

Other reasons are mentioned above.
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First, let's list out the key goals for both the businesses & we will write down the impact of each of these strategies on these metrics.
  1. Create Awareness
  2. Acquire Users
  3. Retain Users
  4. Earn Revenue
  5. Decrease Costs
  6. Ease of development & use
  7. Strategy
To evaluate, we will look at Pros & Cons from business perspective of both these strategies against the goals.
GoalAdvantages of having one AppAdvantages of having different Apps
Create AwarenessEasier to create awareness of Uber eats via much used & liked Uber cab service. 
Acquire UsersEasier to acquire users since there is only one app & cross-sell the services 
Retain UsersRetention fo combined apps would be higher than different individual apps 
Earn RevenueCross-selling can be done to increase revenue per user 
Decrease CostsWill lead to a decrease in marketing & customer acquisition cost as we need to market just one app 
Convenience & Ease of use Will make development a little easier as two different apps can be managed separately. 2 businesses have to be in sync always in terms of feature & flows or else app may look disjointed.
Convenience & Ease of useThe app download is a huge friction point for a user & having one app reduces that friction 
Convenience & Ease of useConvenience to the user as he or she can use the same wallet etc and don't need to set up different apps 
Convenience & Ease of use App size will keep on increasing even if the users don't want Uber Eats/. With different apps, app size can be controlled
Strategy ese are 2 entirely different needs & requirements so from 'user needs' point of view the strategy doesn't align


Basis above data, I believe both Uber Eats & Uber Rides should be one app since advantages far outweigh disadvantages. Moreover, disadvantages can be handled with right interventions. While from user point of view it, this might look out of sync but concept of super app is not new & with the right UI we can make uber ride & uber eats user ‘oblivious’ to one another. Other key issue is business & development alignment which I believe can be handled with correct org structure and team setup. With respect to app size, I believe this is a challenge but with faster internet, availability of Wifi, cheaper internet, this is not going to be a huge challenge for Uber.
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