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What goals would you set for Facebook Dating feature?
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Product Description:

I want to make sure that I have a right understanding of the features. Facebook Dating is a feature to connect individuals with similar interests using the power of algorithms for creating long lasting relationships. This is aligned with the mission of Facebook of establishing, fostering and enriching relationships. 

Business goal: 

Next, I would like to align on the business goal of Facebook Dating. Given that Facebook has 1.6 Billion DAUs, I would assume that Facebook is looking to increase engagement and retention of its existing user base, and I would like to propose that as the goal but I am open to other suggestions.

User Personas:

  • Individuals looking to meet new people 
  • Individuals looking for long-term serious relationships

User Goals: 

1) To meet someone interesting and compatible with their interests 2) To get to know them better 3) To ensure that it is not a fake person or profile 4) To keep this low profile as friends and family are also on the same platform

User Journey:

1) Opt into the feature

2) Create a dating profile

3) Express interest or accept interest

4) Exchange messages

Taking into consideration business goal and user goals, I would track the following user actions and behaviors as metrics:

Usage and Adoption:

  • #Number of users who opted in to the dating features
  • #Numbers of users who completed a dating profile
  • #How much % of a dating profile is complete
  • #Number of interests per user
  • #Number of accepts per user
  • #Number of successful dates
  • #DAUs


  • Time spent per user on the Facebook Dating feature
  • #Number of messages sent or received per user per connection


  • Number of users who revisit the Facebook Dating Feature from 7 days, 30 days, 45 days of creation of a profile
  • Number of users who delete their profile

Quality and Performance:

  • Number of app crashes
  • Number of buggy clicks
Based on the business goals and the user goals, I would prioritize the following metrics - 1) Time spent per user on the Facebook Dating feature as a proxy for users getting value from it 2) Number of messages/user/connection as a proxy of a good match 3) Number of users who create a dating profile/Number of single users as a proxy for adoption
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Facebook's mission is to connect the world and provide tools that help you do so.

Facebook dating is a recently launched feature that allows you find people who are matches for you basis a personalised quiz that you take.

Users get matches and then they can start conversation with matches.

Goal here is to drive engagement 

Assuming  the goal is here for product metrics in BAU state and not launch driven metric

User journey here

user signs up > user takes the quiz > user shows preference for people he/she likes > match > engagement > user may churn off

I feel that sign/user takes the quick = handleded under growth metric

 primary metric: i want to focus on people showing preference for people as it's a leading metric and also is a great input metric plus indicates engagement well 

defensive check metric: Users may want to take converstion off facebook which runs the risk of churn however user may come back after a while to try dating again

monthly churn - people who become inactive suddenly ( since they took conversation offline, this should be easy to detect )

re-activation time- after how long do people come back to FB dating 

other health metrics


Time spent

Matches created daily

% of matches leading to conversations

New conversation created everyday

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