How would you improve
This website is really good but still , how you further want to improve it?
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This website is really good but still , how you further want to improve it?
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clarification questions:

1. goal of improvement?

1) increase new user aquisition?

2) increase customer retention rate

3) increase customer engagement

4) monetization

5) customer experience

2. the website or mobile site?


user groups:

1) current PMs

2) MBA students

3) People who are in other type of roles


1) current PMs:

looking for changes in their career path

seeking industry knowledge to help their current career

looking for networking within the same field

job referral

2) MBA students:

looking for jobs

seeking industry knowledge to explore PM career

seeking industry knowledge to expolre other career (consulting, management, etc.)


job referral

3) people who are in other roles

explore PM career (industry knowledge as a PM)

seeking new opportunities as a PM


job referral

Improvement ideas:

1) networking forum:

- people can post needs asking for job referral

- people can ask help for mock interview

- people can share comments to a specific company on culture, how the job looks like there

2) integration with other job board (linkedin, glassdoor, indeed, etc.)

- people can look for jobs there

- people can read company reviews

3) create a resource center for industry trends, i.e., news feed integration with geekwire, crunchbase, business insider, etc.

- people can explore the most recent industry news/trends

4) create private message (connect users first, then private message)

- people who want to network can message

- people who need mock interview help can message

- people who want to know a specific company and a role can message

- people who want job referral can message

5) create membership subscription

- monetization on above features

-- free version only allow use some of the feature

-- free version only allow limited messages

-- free version only allow limited news feeds subscription

6) create a marketplace

- people can trade with their materials (2nd hand books for interview preparation)

depending on goal to pick the feature then do the tradeoff/prioritization.


1) new user registration

2) daily active users

3) # of questions posted by user

4) # of questions answered by user

5) pageveiw per session

6) clicks on newsfeed per session

7) # of user network connection

8) common marketplace metrics applicable

9) # of user accounts last over 12 months

10) # of users accounts churn /quit within 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.
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How would you improve


I will start by clarification round of questions.

1. Assume this is for the stated URL. Two broad categories for improvment: 1. User Experience? or 2. Monetization? Will assume User Experience.

2. Next focus on who are the Users. There are several segments: students preparing for interview, job transition, employees such as Google, FB, etc, casual interest, acadamedics,  book writers who want to monitize, YouTube video originators who seek to monetize, (observe that students and employment seekers should be given higher priority however there is no way now to distinguish - more in the solution domain.)

3. What are the needs of the Users.  Accurate and Up to date topical questions (e.g. GCP vs AWS vs Azure, Pixel  4 Vs iPhone 11, etc), Relevant to Interview, How to clasfify questions into Strategy, Design, Operations..., Use of Tool frameworks such as Porter %, etc. => be relevant and useful

4. potential improvement solutions... here I offer 3 or 4.   1. Identify students with their edu login, 2. have questions pre classified into some well known categories - already being done but fine tune,  3. Ability for people to interact, 4. have contest for best weekly question and display winner prominently , 5. have some expert interviews from Google, FB, etc to participate on special chat sessions., 6. have more categories on voting.. if 1. relevant, 2. topical. 3. useful... so explanation on voting is clear., 7. put more tools and frameworks in reference material. 8. remove some clutter on the page - further simplify similar to Google home page.

5. There are trade offs for each of the proposals.  I will start with simple adding more choices on Voting.. 1. relevant, useful, topical etc... 2. have weekly winner, and add more material to 3. tools and frameworks and 4. page asthetics. 

6. Metrics - will seek improvements in usage before and after. 

7. We focus on improving user experience (not monetization), look at relevant customers and their needs, identify some potential solutions, do tradeoff and identify measurments.

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