Estimate total number of videos on Youtube
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  1. Clarifying - Are all videos included? Or only videos above a certain threshold of duration, visibility setting? Assuming all videos and no filters. Also, does it include videos in last 30 days or since the inception of YT? Assuming last 30 days. If the question was for since inception, I would project backwards and assume a growth % because of network effects. Finally, I'm assuming we're only calculating uploaded videos not live ones (may be they should be. So I would include them if the interviewer asks for them.
  2. Videos on YT = Videos from amateurs (Tom, Dick and Harry) + Videos from professional YouTubers (individuals) + Videos from professional (Media houses/businesses)
  3. Videos from amateurs = Videos that people upload on important ocassions (like wedding, birthday) + Videos that people upload and keep as private on YouTube = (Families who celebrate on an important ocassions per year X % likelihood that these famlies use YT X % likelihood that they use YT to share videos)/12 + (Individuals who upload videos for personal moments that they don't want to share per month X No. of videos per individual doing such an activity)/12
  4. Videos from professional YouTubers (individuals) = Videos uploaded on a weekly basis (because frequence of upload is critical to their success, I'm assuming they do this) X No. of Weeks in a month X Number of YT Content Creators X % of Content Creators who are individuals
  5. Videos from professionals (Media houses/businesses) = Videos uploaded on a daily basis (because they are businesses I'm assuming that they upload daily because they have the ability to) X No. of days in a month X Number of YT Content Creators X % of Content Creators who are professional media houses
  6. Sanity Check = 500 hours of videos get uploaded every 1 min. So assuming that each video is 10 mins (given that most videos on YT are entertainment and people's attention span doesn't last more than 10 mins for entertainment videos). So that means 3000 videos per min. So the final answer should be in orders of magnitude closeness to 3000 X 60 X 24 X 30 = 130 Million per month.


It'll be great to get feedback on this.

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I took a bottom up approach starting from No/ of Internet users in the world (3.5 billion)

We can assume that Youtube Penetration is 90% of internet-using population (3.2b)

In the Youtube Penetration there are majorly 2 classes - Creators(5%) and Viewers (95%)

Since we are focused on Creators, lets explore this category further.

Of the Creators we have 3 categories

1. Professionals (10%) - Who upload an average of 1 video per week (4 per month)

2. Hobbyists (40%) - Who upload an average of 1 video per month

3.  Indvidual Accounts (50%)- Who upload an average of 1 video per year (1/12 per month

5% of creators give us 160m people

Videos by Professionals/ month - 160m*(0.10)*(4) = 64m

Videos by Hobbysit/ month - 160m*(0.40)*(1) = 64m

Videos by Individuals/month - 160m*(0.50)*(1/12) = 7m


Total videeos = 64+64+7 = 135m

Calculated this and it checks out with the sanity checks! Please let me know, if there's any improvement that can be done in this approach.
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My approach was a little different from the others. Here's how I did it - 

Assuming 7 billion people in the world and YouTube makes up the majority of market share. So I'm going to assume at least 20% of the worlds population uses YouTube (this is a fairly large assumption so will leave this until the end and maybe come back). That gives us 7 billion * 20% = 1.4 users. 

Out of the users, I will split them into categories of usage. Since I'm considering the whole world, I think the types of users are the following: 

Type of User % of all Users Number of videos uploaded/month 
High Frequency users (YouTube usage is high)40%5
Hobbyist (YouTube usage is medium-high) 30%3
Casual (YouTube usage is low-medium)15%2
Occasional user (YouTube usage is low)15%1

Assuming the number of users = 1.4 billion, then: 

Per month you would get: 

1) High Frequency users = 1.4(.4)(5) = 2.8 billion videos 

2) Hobbylist users = 1.4(0.3)(3) = 1.26 billion videos 

3) Casual users = 1.4(.15)(2) = 0.42 billion videos 

4) Occasional users = 1.4(.15)(1) = 0.21 billion videos. 

Adding all that up gives you 4.69 billion videos uploaded per month. To estimate the total number of videos on YouTube of all time, I would take into consideration the YoY growth of YouTube and have that as a growth %. But I do know that more and more folks are uploading content to YouTube. 

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