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Comprehend Situation: 

  1. What: ATM for Airport
  2. The function of a basic ATM: 
  3. Check Balance
  4. Withdraw local currency
  5. Deposit local currency

Identify Customer:

  1. Domestic Travellers
  2. International Travellers

Report customer needs: 

  1. As a domestic traveller, I want a basic ATM so that I can check balance, withdraw or retrieve currency as I would normally do in my country
  2. As an international traveller, I want:
    1. All the basic functionality
    2. Withdraw in any currency
    3. Deposit in any currency
    4. Exchange currency notes
    5. Convert existing money/cryptocurrency on prepaid/debit cards to another currency without withdrawal

Cut through Prioritization:

Check BalanceMust-Have  
Deposit (local currency)Must-Have 
Withdraw (local currency)Must-Have 
Add-on Features  
Deposit (other currency)MediumMedium (conversion fee)
Withdraw (other currency)MediumMedium (conversion fee)
Exchange cash currencyMedium (the above two together)Medium (conversion fee)
Convert crypto/money on another currency without withdrawalHigh (needs linking to other banking systems, etc.)High (conversion fee + extra fee for the service)


List Solutions:

  1. Since most airports have different terminals for domestic and international flights, it is safe to assume that normals ATMs can solve the purpose of domestic travellers. 
  2. For ATMs that would cater to International Travellers, some of the above add-ons would be good to have on top of the must-haves.


Evaluate trade-offs:

We can evaluate each of the add-ons against demand/usage frequency

Deposit (other currency)Low2 (since the logic behind this is needed for cash exchange)
Withdraw (other currency)High1
Exchange cash currencyHigh2
Convert crypto/money on another currency without withdrawalLow3



We would need two types of ATMs: 

  1. Basic/Normal ones for domestic terminals

  2. ATMs built with these extra functionalities for international terminals

    1. Withdrawal (other currency)

    2. Deposit (other currency)

    3. Exchange cash currency


Some assumptions:

  1. The terminals are fixed for both types of use-cases
  2. Logistics complexity related to cash refilling is very low with known destinations of the flights taking off throughout the day
  3. Revenue generated on each of the features per transaction is same


To think about/Risks:

  1. With more travellers going cashless and also the rise of cryptocurrency, the feature to exchange cash currency might not have long-term returns.
  2. The Service fee charged for converting on-card and how the frequency of use is changing over time.
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Let's first figure out the type of travelers:

  1. business/leisure
  2. domestic/international
I would like to focus on international leisure travelers unless you want me to pick a different type of traveler.
let's discuss the persona 
  • traveling vacation
  • do not have an international debit card or credit card (a debit card accepted by all ATMs all over the world)
  • need the currency of the country they are traveling to 
  • carrying their domestic currency
As an international traveler, I should be able to exchange currency at the ATM at the airport.
My ATM will be able to exchange currency along with all the functions it already performs.
The flow would be something like this:
  • There will be a digital screen next to the ATM that will show the exchange rate for all the currencies it accepts. What currencies this ATM accepts depends on which Airport this ATM on - based on the number of flights coming from different countries and information at already existing currency exchanges at the airport. purpose of displaying the exchange rate next to the ATM is to enable a user to decide whether they want to exchange currency at this ATM before they even proceed.
  • ATM screen will ask the user "Do you have a debit card?"
    • if the user selects "Yes", then the process will be normal what happens right now along with an addition. when the user selects to withdraw from the ATM using the debit card, the user will have the option of selecting the currency.
    • If user selects "No", then ATM will ask "Select the currency you want to exchange from and to" there will be 2 dropdowns under this question: "from" and "to". after make both the selection, a text box will appear under the "From" selected currency with this prompt "Enter the amount you want to exchange". user will enter the amount of from currency here. As soon as the user enters "from" amount, "to" amount gets displayed under "to" currency. purpose of displaying this information is to help the user decide whether he wants to proceed or not without spending more time on this machine. There there will be a "Continue" button at the bottom. When the user clicks this button, the input slot for cash blinks and message on screen shows "Deposit cash". As the ATM process the cash, message on the machine shows "Please wait". When the exchanged currency is dispensed from the machine, the message on the screen says "Please collect cash"
To summarize, My idea of ATM for airport has the capability to exchange currency without any hassle.
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Hi, I think you started with a solution space here (multi-currency ATM) and moved to find a problems space (exchange currency). I feel you would discover more customer pain points if you spend a bit more time on the problem space and try to identify more customer problems. This can help you discover bigger and more fundamental cutomer painpoints (e.g. in this case - locating an ATM inside an Airport itself is a non-trivial problem), long wait times etc.
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Design an ATM for Airport

Let me clarify what a ATM does in general

  • Check Balance 

  • Retrieve Money

  • Transfer Money 

I am assuming here that ATM will be used at an air port.

Now, i will first explore the users, their pain points, prioritise use cases and then list down the solutions

Customers could be

  • Domestic Traveller

  • International Travellers 

  • Airport Staff

    • Pilots, Attendants, Ait Hostresses, etc


Moreover Domestic and Interanational travellers can further be classified as

  • Professionals on Business trips 

  • People on Vacations 

  • Medical Travellers 

  • College/School Student Groups on exchange programs or educational trips

Out of these Customers, I am focussing on the International Medical Travellers

International Medical Exchange Travellers

  • Usually travel with pairs eg Patient and some caretaker relative

  • Often concerned about expenses 

  • Although prepared for the medical expenses, but might need urgent money for unexpected expenses

Now i will explore customer painpoint -

  1. Need to Apply for International Travelling Card 

  2. Might have to apply for Medical Loan / Extra Credit

  3. Unable to locate ATM at the airport (less mobility due to patient)

  4. Long waiting time for currency exchange 

  5. Have a Upper limit on the permissible on the amount of cash that can be exchange 

Now, out of above use cases, (1) is the most important use case, as its neccessary to travel aboud with a international cards,as all domestic credit/credit cards are not accepted abroad, and very few people have international cards, and the process to apply and get card takes around 2 days ( assuming no compliance issues ), moreover people dont prefer to travel with huge amount of case, and governments also have an upper limit on cash that can be exchanged, hence it becomes a necessity. Above also justifies why (1) is more important than (5)

Now for (2) use case, people are usually arrange the medical expense beforehand, and many might have insurance, hence based on its usage its less likely to be prioritised

Now for (3), Although locating an ATM in a airport can be cumbersome task, but airport already have signboards airport maps, for helping people, hence its not a top priority

When comparing (4) i.e long waiting queue at currency exchange and (1), usually people exchange the currency beforehand, and if the already have a travelling card, they tend to avoid long waiting queue by exchanging the currency later either at the destination airport or destination countries hotels / currency echange brokers

Hence we are solving for use case (1) i.e Applying for the International Travelling card

To the top of mind there are two solutions

  1. ATM itself issues the International Travelling Card on demand 

    1. Flow could be like

      1. Person enters ATM card and enters the pin, user would see the “Apply for International Cards” options, user selects this option, and enter the currency type, amount to be transferred in Traveling card (there can be OTP based authentication also involved) and then submits, ATM transfers this amount to the new travelling card ( few blank travelling cards already present in the ATM), and user gets the travelling card and user is notified that he has to use the same pin

  2. AMT can issue a request for a travelling card that could be collected at the destination country bank branch 

Out of two, first solution is better as this was person gets instant gratification and moreover in case there are some logistic issues in solution (2), this can create unsurety for the user.



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Clarifying questions

  • What's the goal of this exercise (promote Google products? collect user data for more accurate search? simplify user experience overseas?) - Let's say the goal is to simplify user experience overseas (i.e. user acquisition)
  • Any particular country or location of these airports (U.S? developed countries? developing countries?)
  • Any particular group of users we need to foucs on?

Persona identification

  • Business travellers (will focus on business travellers because many of them don't have time to prepare for the trip)
  • Families
  • Individual commuters

User journey and pain points

  • A. Do not have local cash or local bank card when they arrive - big pain point
  • B. Don't realise they have no cash until needing them - small pain point
  • C. Concerned about fraud risk overseas when withdrawing cash - big pain point
  • Allow withdraw cash from Google Pay, credit card or Apple pay (pain point A) 
  • Connect your phone with ATM and transaction happens on your phone instead of on the machine (pain point B)
  • Authenticate your self using finger print or FaceID on your phone only (pain point B)
  • Auto display where can I find such ATMs in both airport and city (pain point C)
  • Bluetooth connection - only allow it when you are nearby
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