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How would you improve Facebook Groups? How would you measure whether you were successful?
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What is Facebook group? 

FB group is a forum that allows members to share posts, links, documents etc. It allows members to comment on the posts shared on the grup. The goal of FB groups is to build a communitu of people with similar thinking, background or interest. The goal of FB groups is inline with the company's goal: connecting people. 

Let's ask clarifying question

- What does it mean by improving FB groups? Do we want to improve

  • creationg of the page
  • suggestion to the people to join fb group aka discovery of a group
  • search of an fb group
  • UI/UX of fb group

- Do we want to improve the web version or the app ?

- Do we want to improve FB group for a certain group? (group catering to markeplace? job search? celebrating events?

- What is the goal of improvement? Monetization? Increase in the number of the user? Engagement of the user? 


Now, time to identify personas

- People creating groups -admins 

- Members of the group 

Let's say we want to increase the experience of  a particular group catering to marketpalce  (buying/selling) for members to increase their engagement. Long term goal is to increase the payment transcation through FB for mometization (FB to take a cut from the seller from a transaction)


Pain points

- As a buyer i would like to see the product physically before buying it at a convenient time 

- As a buyer I would like to get a refund if the product is defective and does not work 

- As a buyer I would like to meet at a public place which is equidistant from my and the seller place 

- As a buyer I would like to see which sellers are giving a product for free or free shipping 

- As a buyer I would like to see posts of items which are still availble not sold out. 

- As a buyer I would like to pay the seller online through card ( I believe FB already provides this service)


Let's see if we can tackle all problems with the a few solution

optionImpact to userDev complexity
Share calendar to book appointment for physically seeing the product. FB already has the feature for its employees where they share the calendar with the other person and the other person can choose a time slot based on both the users availability. High (reduces the back and forth between seller and buyer to schedule a time)Low 
Integrate maps to show the mid point between the seller and the buyer. Once the appointment is scheduled, suggest both the parties public places where they can meet and is in the middle of both the parties. The users can select top 2-3 of their choices, the ones that matches can be then finalized.HighMedium (would have to  build the suggestion model, I believe FB is already integrated with maps thats why they are able to show the city of the seller)
Enhance search: In the search option provide ability to the user to select price range starting from free. provide option to see if the user accepts returns. provide option to see the items if they are still available. MediumMedium (FB already has the data, it just needs to curate it and build API/UI on top of it)
Build a feature to provide status if the item is sold out , still available, pending transactionMedium (sellers might not update the status instantaneously) Medium 

Based on the impact and complexity, I would go with solution 2 & 1. 


Metrics to measure success

- After launching the above features for marketplace group, we can monitor

  • Number of users booking appointment via fb calendar 
  • Number of users selecting common/mid point through suggestions 
  • Number of users buying/selling via the marketplace before and after the feature launch
  • Churn rate of the user
  • Feedback / escalations via support channel 
  • DAU before and after the changes 
  • Avg time spend by a user before and after the feature launch
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Product description:

Before I get started, I want to make sure that I understand the product and its features clearly.

Facebook Groups let users organize groups based on shared interests to further discuss, engage, discover and make new connections with each other. These groups can be public or private and users can invite other members, create content and engage with created content. Does that sound correct to you?

Clarify questions:

1) This is a mature product, what do we know about the product so far? How is it doing?

2) I can think of several goals, and I would propose engagement but I am open to suggestions

What problems does it solve?

1) Having a dedicated forum based on interests for like-minded people to connect, interact, communicate and engage with each other and discover new features

2) Giving a channel for small and medium sized businesses to promote their brand, increase their outreach and awareness, specifically address any questions, sell merchandise, product services etc.

Two user personas: group creators and admins and group participants

How is the product currently designed?

Group participants:

1) User can discover groups through their news feed, invites and by specifically searching for groups

2) User can view the group page and depending on their interest, group content, they can choose to join the group

3) Users go back to the group their posts shown on their news feed, notifications, mentions or proactively based on their interest

4) Users can create their content or engage with the content 

5) Users can make purchases

6) Users can be motivated to create a new group

Group creators:

1) Create groups

2) Invite users

3) Can use ads to publicize groups

4) Create posts, respond to queries when appropriate

5) Set ground rules to keep the groups safe and make users feel safe, secure etc

There are different aspects that one can focus on - discovery, onboarding, CX in a group and I am specifically interested in the experience within a group as it directly relates to the business goal as well as the user goal for group participants and will have a higher impact

Use cases and pain points of group participants:

- I can't easily discover files, attachments or previously shared items in a group

- I want to post but I feel that I will be judged and hence don't share content on a group - high impact- would like to focus on it

- I want to be able to set up appointments for coffee etc. with like-minded people on the calendar - more authentic connections, more traffic to facebook but may lead to a lower engagement

- I can't keep track of updates as I part of so many groups



The solutions have been analyzed for their impact and implementation cost

  1. Incentivize users to respond through badges, points - high impact, inflated likes, lower quality of responses/comments, medium effort
  2. Provide pre-designed templates - low-medium impact, takes away authenticity from users, need a balance of pre-design vs. user input, easy to build
  3. Provide support for proof-reading through a bot or another user - low-medium impact, time-consuming for users, harder to build
  4. Require approval of comments - low-medium impact, will not scale and decrease overall engagement, medium to build
  5. Automatically detect words that may be perceived as humiliating - medium impact harder to build and users many still not feel encouraged to post

By considering how the solutions meet the user needs and the associated tradeoffs, I would recommend building a feature to incentivize users to respond to posts in the short-term and building a tool to automatically screen inconsiderate words in the long-term. This strategy would encourage more users to create content and react to posts thereby spurring the overall activity within groups and increasing engagement for facebook groups.

Engagement Metrics:

  1. # of posts created within groups (hypothesis that this will go up as users will feel more encouraged to post more)
  2. # of likes, reactions, comments within per post (hypothesis that this will go up as users will more incentivized)
  3. # of invites sent by a user (hypothesis that users are having a +ve experience)
  4. # time spent by users within a group pre and post launching this feature
  5. NPS score for users
  6. Sentiment analysis based on posts (if possible)
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