Design an app which helps people find a doctor on Facebook
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First I will ask a few clarifying questions:

1) Do you want me to design a separate app or new feature inside FB only ?  Answer: New Feature in FB

2) Is the app going to help in discovery of doctors only or will it allow other activities like booking appointments etc. ? Answer: You decide


- This will be a new feature in the Facebook website and mobile app.

Let's start with first identifying the personas who will be interested in using this feature. 

- Young facebook users (Age between 18-35 years) 

- Mid aged facebook users (Age between 35-50 yesrs)

- Elderly facebook users (Age above 50 years)

Out of these personas, young facebook users with age between 18-25 years are more likely to use this feature because of the following reasons:

- They are more tech savvy and spend more time on social networking apps like FB

- They are more likely to try technology driven services 

- In this age, many people are not settled at one place and keep moving between cities (for studies, jobs etc) and they don't have a set doctor to visit for their health problems. They need to find doctors for their health needs at new places they move to.

For the other two personas, people are generally settled by their mid age and they identify/fix the doctors they visit for their health needs. They are less likely to use this feature on FB.

Now, let us see what are the pain-points of our main persona.

- It is hard to find specialized doctors in a new place/city 

- How to decide which doctors are good and which are not ?

- Fixing appointment with a doctor is not easy.

- It is hard to locate a small clinic or doctor's residence especially in a new city.

Now let's see what capabilities we can add in this new FB feature which can address the above listed pain points.

1) Ability to discover doctors: User will be able to discover doctors by accessing the 'Discover Doctors' feature on FB website or app. Once user clicks there, he can see a new page with a list of doctors. The list can be categorized based on the doctor's specialization, location (user's current city as updated in the profile), recommendations (we have a feature below for users to recommend a doctor). If user's location services are ON, the list can highlight the distance of the doctor's clinic from current location. When user clicks on the doctor's profile card, it will take him to a separate page which will give more details about the doctor like the specialization, qualifications, address etc. One thing to note regarding this feature is that FB will need to figure out whether doctor's profiles will be created by FB or by doctor's themselves. There is pros and cons for both, if done by FB it will there is more accuracy in the information as they will do all the validations.

2) Ability for people to recommend/review a doctor: This feature will allow a user to recommend a doctor on a scale of 1-10(10 being the highest) and also review the doctor. The doctor profile page will show the cumulative recommendation and all the reviews which will help other users decide whether to visit this doc or not.

3) Ability to book appointment with a doctor: This will allow a user to book an appointment with the doctor right from the Doctor's profile page which will save his/her time to call and book the appointment. A user will also be able to view and manage all his/her appointments from a single page.

4) Map directions to Doctor's clinic: This feature will provide the location of doctor's clinic on the profile page and also provide ability to navigate there through maps which will make it very easy for the user to reach the doctor's place.

Now, let's prioritize these features:

1) Ability to discover doctors (High Impact, High Effort)

2) Ability for people to recommend/review a doctor (High Impact, Medium Effort)

3) Ability to book appointment with a doctor (Medium Impact, High Effort)

4) Map directions to Doctor's clinic (Low Impact, Low Effort)

So the priority of the features will be (in decreasing order):

1) Feature 1

2) Feature 4

3) Feature 2

4) Feature 3

Following KPIs can be tracked to gauge the success of this feature in FB:

1) Number of doctor's profile visited

2) Number of recommendations and reviews added by users  

3) Number of appointments scheduled 

4) Number of times map navigation option is clicked

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