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How would you measure the success of YouTube?
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Youtube comes in two flavors, the ad-supported version and the premium version at ~$12/month subscription cost. It is also a 2 sided marketplace. Hence it's success not only depends on the number of people watching the content, but also on those uploading content. I will try to breakdown the metrics for success into the Activation, Acquisition, Retention, and Monetization for both viewers and uploaders, as well as for the ad-supported and premium versions.


Acquisition# of new customers uploading content
Retention# of Videos uploaded per consumer. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly active usage numbers for content uploads. Views per video. Channels created per uploader. Subscribers per channel
MonetizationAdvertisement revenue per video


Viewers - Ad supported

Acquisition# of new customers logging in; Daily Traffic
Activation# of logged in users accessing service; 
RetentionAverage time spent on site; Daily, Weekly, Monthly # of Videos watched; Time spent on site
MonetizationAdvertisement revenue per customer; Eyeballs per advertisement; Click through rate; LTV


Viewers - Premium

Acquisiton# of customers signing up for trial
Activation# of customers renewing subscription
RetentionDAU, WAU, and MAU; Subscription renewal  after 2nd month of service; Churn rate
MonetizationMonthly revenue generated from subscribers


Feedback is highly appreciated.

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I think it’s grate the way you splitter the answer for different type of users. However for the viewers it seems you neglected users who did not sign in, where do you handle in you metrics these users ?
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  • Creator

  • Consumer

  • Business


  • Creator

    • To easily upload content

    • To reach to maximum number of people for each content

    • To improve content by interacting with people who see content

    • To get more views of content

    • To get more whole video views on content

  • Consumer

    • To watch relevant and popular videos

    • To easily search videos

    • To see more similar videos

  • Business

    • Show more ads

      • Add new people

      • Get People spending more time on youtube per day

      • Keep people coming back to youtube

Success metrics


  • Creator

    • Videos created more than x mins/active creator/week(x can be median length of videos before users exit or videos end)

    • Active creators per week.

    • Retention on active creators per week

    • views/content/user/week

    • messages/video

  • Consumer

    • New users joined/week

    • Video views/day

    • Time spent/day

    • devices/user/week

    • subscribes/user/week

    • Videos watched per session

    • % Videos starting from recommendation

    • likes/video/user

    • subscribe/video/user

    • Videos watched in the first week of joining

  • Business

    • Ads seen per user/week

    • Ad views/Ad

  • Negative metrics

    • Churned users/week

    • Exits from middle of video/user/week

    • Unsubscribes from channels/user/week

  • Premium members

    • % of Premium members 

    • # of premium members

    • wow/mom activation of service

    • Daily time spent for premium members

    • % Renewal of premium service

    • Avg Revenue generated per premium member

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